Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Incident Command: GCNP

I just spoke with Bill Van Bruggen, Incident Command on this search. They have 2 helicopters and 4 teams on foot searching the Royal Arch area. Nothing so far to report.

He mentioned that updates would be posted on the website below (but I don't see any press releases on this search just yet):

The best thing we can do (remotely) is to try to get more information:

  • Did Iris and Alan know any river guides that might have been on the river this week? Does anyone have any contact information for those guides?
  • Were they going to meet with family (in Prescott, AZ) on a certain day after the hike? Or were they just going to drop in sometime after the trip?
  • How long were they planning on being gone?
  • What supplies did they have? GPS? cell phone? first aid? how many days of food?

I'm not sure where to begin to get the info ... so any help would be greatly appreciated.


jj said...

New article,

No new information except to say Alan's Mom was the one they were meeting in AZ and she notified the authorities.

besnette said...

They have been found!
David (Alan's Cousin)

besnette said...

PS - alive, but dehydrated